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Torn between your favorites? You don't have to choose anymore.
Is it a Zinfandel night? Or maybe Cabernet is the way to go...
Problem solved. Have them both.



Every varietal is different, with their own quirks and charms. Often we don’t just have one favorite. Each TORN wine is a blend of two varietals so next time you’re stuck deciding between grapes, grab a bottle of TORN and you’ve got the best of both worlds.


2015 CAB X ZIN

The Cabernet Sauvignon is bold, yet smooth and balanced. The Zinfandel is fruit-forward, bright and juicy. It all comes together in this approachable blend bursting with fresh red berry flavor of raspberries with a nice barrel profile of spice.


2016 CB X RIES

The Chenin Blanc is structured, smooth and elegant. The Riesling is bright, juicy and tasty. When they collide, the result is an incredibly delicious and refreshing wine with a fragrant floral nose of elderflower and lush pear and peach flavor on the palate. Recommended pairing: Summer afternoon.